What We Do

TDP pursues control investments of companies that generate less than $50 million of annual revenues and $1-$5 million of EBITDA (positive cash flow). We seek to partner with business owners and management teams and hold our investments generally over a 3-7 year time horizon during which we work to grow and strengthen portfolio companies for an eventual sale.

In pursuing investment opportunities, we rely on our team of Investment Partners, Executive Partners, and Advisory Partners, along with the assistance of third party advisors (accountants, lawyers and other professionals), to conduct thorough due diligence review processes. After completing an investment, we focus on working with management to pursue add-on acquisitions, organic growth initiatives and company optimization strategies that result in step-function changes to the size and capability of portfolio companies over our investment horizon.

Though we do not serve as day-to-day managers of the companies we invest in, our goal is to work closely with our portfolio companies on an ongoing basis and utilize fact-based decision making frameworks to assist management as they look to expand their platforms. As value-added partners with deep operating and investing experience, we believe we can serve as an ideal partner for small company owners that are seeking to materially increase the value of their enterprises.