Regulatory Information


Tyree & D’Angelo Partners Management LP and its relying adviser, Tyree & D’Angelo Partners LLC (collectively referred to as, “TDP”) is an investment adviser registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”).

All information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. Nothing on this website is to be construed as a solicitation to offer investment advice or services. Information about investing in TDP funds is only available in the form of private placement memoranda and other offering documents. These documents contain information to help investors evaluate TDP funds’ investment objectives, risks, fees and expenses, among other factors, before considering an investment. Further information about TDP is also available in Form ADV Part 2, filed with the SEC.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results and no representation is made that TDP’s funds will achieve their investment objectives or that the strategies will be successful.

The title “Executive Partner”, “Advisory Partner” or “Portfolio Company Executive” is not intended to indicate that a team member with this title is a partner, principal or employee of TDP or any TDP fund or other affiliate. Executive Partners, Advisory Partners and Portfolio Company Executives provide expertise to TDP and its portfolio companies. They may be independent contractors or employees of current or former portfolio companies and may have business or investment activities unrelated to TDP.

Information included regarding portfolio companies at a prior investment firm are included for informational purposes only in order to demonstrate sector experience. Further, TDP has no ability to affect or influence the performance of prior investments at the prior investment firm as the members of the TDP team are no longer affiliated with the prior investment firm. Other personnel from the prior investment firm were involved with and provided material assistance with respect to the investments at the prior investment firm and are not part of the TDP team.