Partnership Approach

TDP conducts all of its investment activities with a view towards establishing true partnerships with the portfolio companies we invest in and the management teams that lead them. Our desire is to work together in a collaborative fashion with a goal of creating material value for owners, management teams, our investors, and the TDP team. This partnership mentality leads us to place a high degree of emphasis on the following core tenets as we look to create value throughout the investment process:

Alignment of economic incentives for all constituents

TDP believes that true business partnerships are formed through an appropriate alignment of economic interests and collaborative and transparent communication. As such, we only invest in companies whose owners and management teams maintain a significant equity investment in the company following completion of TDP's investment. In addition, the TDP team maintains close alignment with owners, management, and our underlying investors as our team represents the single largest investor in our fund.

Collaborative discussion and decision-making process

TDP believes in implementing an unbiased, fact-based decision making framework throughout our investment process in order to arrive at the "right" answer in an efficient manner. We actively solicit all relevant points of view from management and our team members during this decision making process. We strive to combine the functional experiences of our management teams with a broader set of perspectives furnished by TDP's Investment Partners, Executive Partners, and Advisory Partners to drive optimal decision making.

Alignment of values and approach to business

We believe time is the scarcest asset that we have and we are very selective on who we choose as company partners. Since our goal is to complete only a few platform investments each year, we want to ensure that strong relationships exist with our potential partners.