About Us

Tyree & D'Angelo Partners ("TDP") is a private equity investment firm that focuses on control investment opportunities in the lower middle market. We seek out investments in which we can establish true collaborative partnerships with business owners and management teams that will lead to a substantial creation of value over a long-term investment horizon.

TDP relies on an extensive team comprised of Investment Partners, Executive Partners, and Advisory Partners to make investments, and focuses on opportunities in which our team of professionals can add significant value on an ongoing basis. Our team brings a unique combination of investing and operational skills to our partnerships with lower middle market companies that we believe differentiates us from other investment firms. We have invested in and managed companies ranging from $5 million to $20 billion of annual revenues and collectively bring over 100 years of experience and insights that we utilize to help management teams grow their businesses.

We believe strongly in maintaining highly aligned incentives with the business owners and management teams we partner with as well as our underlying limited partners. Our team represents the largest source of investment capital in the fund and we derive substantially all of our compensation through investment performance as opposed to management or other fees.